G.E.E Ltd, The worlds number one supplier of Morgan sports car chassis.

About us

GEE Ltd is run by Terry Foxen


We specialize in parts for Classic vehicles with particularly Morgans both 3 and 4 wheelers.



Many parts are made in our own workshops or by the excellent group of specialists in the area, these include an excellent non-ferrous foundry a C.N.C. machine shop, small press and tool maker, rubber man, wood worker, wood turner, water-jet cutter, trimmer, specialist welders and many and varied other craftsmen.



My interest in cars started when at about 12 years old my father taught me to weld to speed up building a Formula 750 race car, when still at school I went to help out at Libra Motive the Morgan Specialist in Hampstead, I returned there after leaving school and a few years of office work, we prepared the Morgan works Prodsports +8 and won a number of championships driven by Rob wells and Charles Morgan, a Modsports car followed again a championship winner. Libra Motive were made service agents and then sales agents for Morgan and also prepared some single seater and sports 2000 cars. It was obviously the place to be as a lot of the best Morgan specialists did time at Libra Motive



By way of a change, I set up GEE ltd as a Groundwork company on finding British Telecom in need of someone to make bases for their microwave towers. Soon got fed up with waiting to get paid and the odd places BT were wanting us to build huge steel re-enforced concrete blocks. This is the source of the Groundwork Engineering Eastern Ltd name we are no longer groundworkers and no longer in the east. Back to the interest in cars with more of a slant towards the historic and vintage



We make chassis for all the steel chassis 4-wheeler Morgans and the F-type three-wheelers.



Steering boxes are made for the 3-wheelers and reconditioned and modified for the 4/4 +4 and +8, also steering columns are rebuilt.



We make components for many makes and models from Alfa to Zastava, over 300 parts for Morgan cars mostly in small batches for clubs specialists and enthusiasts, sometimes one offs. We also try and source original components new and used, for customers here and abroad.



We have a small range of parts for Rolls Royce and Bentley and a few Alvis parts, and can produce parts to drawing or pattern. Car, bike, boat, etc.



Many of our customers are also suppliers, which seems to work to every ones benefit. If we cannot supply a part at a sensible price we can often tell you who can.



We also value cars for insurance and probate and will buy or sell on commision Morgans and interesting cars and projects